Frequently Asked Questions

Can lottery tickets be purchased online?

Yes. Our partner allows you to purchase lottery tickets online. Our partner buys your ticket in-store on your behalf, allowing you to play the lottery online.

Can more than one person share a lottery prize?

Yes, there have been many examples of winners sharing their prizes among a group. Lottery players often like to team up, as it can increase their overall chances of winning. Rules regarding group wins can vary between lotteries, so it's worth checking with the particular lottery that you're interested in playing. Powerball, for example, are happy for players to divide their prize among a group and can do this regardless of whether the cash or annuity options are chosen. They can even pay some group players in cash and others in annual payments, if required.

What happens if I accidentally lose a winning ticket?

Unfortunately, there's no kind way of saying this, but if you lose a winning ticket then there's nothing you or anyone can do. Lost tickets are unfortunate so we definitely recommend that you keep any purchased lottery tickets in a safe place. There have been cases of players rooting through their trash in an attempt to find a discarded winning ticket. Also, always sign the back of your ticket and add your details, as most lottery claims won't require any proof of purchase to be shown. Essentially, whoever has the ticket legally owns it. However, if the ticket is signed, this will indicate your ownership of the ticket and therefore any lottery jackpot that you may win because of it.

Where can I check my old lottery numbers?

You can find past lottery results that are up to a year old. All you have to do is locate the lottery that you're interested in and click either of the links below it that says ‘last 10' and ‘year'. This will allow you to view either the winning numbers from the last ten draws or every draw for the last year.


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How do I know that the lotteries are safe?

As lotteries are run by individual states, you can feel completely assured that all lotteries are completely legitimate and safe. Lotteries are highly regulated with their accounts being audited by a number of independent organizations to ensure that there is no foul play taking place.

Who can play the Lottery?

Sorry, kids, but lotteries aren't for you. But as long as you're 18 years or older, you can play.

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